The Art of Disruption through the Science of Travel and Silence

December 17,2018

We are all explorers, discovering our outer-world through travel, where we move from the reality of our everyday existence and are touched and inspired by cultures, people and places.

Travel changes us. We see things and hear things that jolt us, we smell scents that inspire us. We are re-invigorated.

Our inner-worlds need continuous disruption from the repeated thoughts, feelings and impressions that our everyday environments can unconsciously control.

Sometimes we become trapped by routines and habits, which don’t inspire our higher-selves, leaving us depleted of positivity and energy.

Life is full of possibilities or repeated past obstacles and thoughts that keep us on the same habituated paths.

The wonderful book “The Road less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck, M.D. reminds me that life is a very delicate balancing act and that if we continue doing the same things, the same way, we become stagnant and we lose touch with our inner-self.

Life is meant to change, and we are meant to grow, but we are meant to grow from a place of positivity and joy, not pain and suffering.

A path or road less travelled means we must step off the path of the past and find new futures.

My teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taught me that journey for us was not of course the outer-world of travel but the inner-world of exploring and discovering the infinite, untapped potential of our inner-self. Sukhavati, Ayurvedic Retreat & Spar has also been created based on the core values of Ayurveda and the teachings from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Today, true luxury is silence and peace. To combine outer-travel with an inner journey of discovering more of our self. That is an amazing journey that can change everything in our outer-world. However, to experience that we cannot confuse energy and time.

I have the joy of traveling and giving talks to thousands of people every year and I hear so often a repeated mantra that people begin to believe, “I don’t have time to”…. meditate, exercise, take time out to rethink, reenergise, go on a retreat, etc.

I always smile because I know they believe it, even though we all know it’s not true. Deep down, even they know it’s not totally true. However, we get caught in the old patterns of the past. That single belief around time, which is the external world controlling our inner experience keeps us in eternal states of fear anxiety, worry and fatigue.

Fatigue is the enemy of positivity and optimism, it dramatically reduces resilience, which in turn is the major cause of stress. We must break those past holds on us.

We have to learn to value our self and invest time in us, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A breakthrough is when we realise that we can’t just do more and more to achieve more, it just doesn’t work. We have to think differently about what we do, we can’t let time rule our inner-world. To do that we at times have to step out and slow down.

We don’t want to manage time, we want to recreate our energy, creativity, peace, contentment and happiness. Don’t manage time, manage energy.

If we understand that life is in a rhythm and there is a delicate balance of expending and recovering energy, then we find balance.

Do I need to change anything in my life? This can be one of the precious reflections that can happen along with your imagination from one year to the next or when we go on those inner and outer journeys like being at Sukhavati. 

It’s so precious to have time to just be….

It’s so important to be a human being, not simply a human doing. We need to slow the mind down and be at ease and peace and feel content.

Every day we awaken from sleep and our minds move from that deep unconscious state to the waking state, every human being is born into these three experiences or states of consciousness; waking, dreaming and sleeping.

That is our life.

We have 80,000 thoughts every single day, but most of our thoughts are simply repeated from our memory of yesterday. To be repeated today.

The knowledge of the Veda, the most incredible science of the mind, is based around how to quiet the mind and discover the fourth state of consciousness; the transcendental state. This is the experience achieved in meditation. 

This changes our relationship with time as the repeated experience of meditation brings us out of the environment and into our inner-self.

We become more centred, at ease, but also more, clear and dynamic – we restore energy.

When we slow down the mind, we become more conscious and able to use the past as a reflective process of looking at what we want to do differently to what we do presently.

If we don’t the present is more often disturbed by the past and future thoughts. Unfortunately, the truth is we spend more time worrying about what we can’t change and what has not happened yet, our eternal present is eternally in a state, which is actually not present at all.

Reflecting deeply needs time in meditation, time in deeper emersions to allow the body to support the mind. Sukhavati aims at offering you the time to replenish and remove the toxins and stress from your body and mind.

This year we celebrated seven years since our Sukhavati journey started and thousands of guests have travelled from all over the world to walk through the gates of Sukhavati and be touched and inspired by the people of Bali. For thousands of years, the Balinese people have embraced a spiritual life at its core, not a religion but a way of life that upholds higher values of our self.

As the year draws to an end and new beginnings begin to emerge, we pause also to say thank you to all of you who keep us inspired with your amazing experiences and life changing benefits.

This year we have experienced wonderful recognitions for our work and the experiences of our clients and the service of our dedicated staff:

  • Winner of LUX Hotel & Spa Awards – Best Health Retreat & Spa Bali – 2018
  • Winner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award 2018
  • Winner of World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2018 Best Luxury Holistic Retreat in Asia
  • Winner of Luxury Travel Guide 2018 Luxury Spa of the Year

All of which, wouldn’t be possible without all of you; our clients and all of our staff. So, for that we say, with love a big thank you to all our wonderful staff lead by Denny, Kadek, Sri and Putu in Bali and our marketing team in Australia lead by Breegan.

To all our guests we thank you again, for your ongoing support.

We have some exciting new developments coming in 2019, with new beginnings for Sukhavati in Bali and Australia as we step into new travels and adventures of our own, which we hope you will join us on.

Yours in perfect health, happiness and success in 2019.

Happy festive season to you all around the world, from all the Sukhavati team and family.

"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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