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The location is absolutely stunning, built on a steep slope running down to a lively river, surrounded by lush jungle! The staff is so incredibly kind and pure-hearted, they will make you feel so taken care of, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and healing during the pancakarma treatment. We stayed at the White Tara Luxury Villa - which has a beautiful outdoor bathroom with a stunning shower, would love to shower there every day... this location was quite private compared to other villas because other people will only pass by it once in the morning and once in the afternoon on the way to the yoga Shala which is right next to it. We loved having our meals served by the full-butler service on the porch outside the villa, right next to a huge ancient treen which must be over 100 years old! The food is delicious and nourishing, something new everyday and inspired me to learn more about Ayurvedic cooking! The treatments were simply divine... four-hands massage every single day, what a treat! We hope to come back to Sukhavati soon. Thank you!

- Skarbjinski

Mind blowing experience that changed my life for the better. Beautiful space, amazing staff, delicious food - oh my goodness, I've never eaten so well in my life. The most relaxing treatments that turned me into the person I am today.

- Kiran J

Arriving into Sukhavati I was totally exhausted. I had had one of the biggest years of my life and was in dire need of some nutrition and rest. 10 days of pure bliss. To have a schedule written out for every day was phenomenal. The schedule was jam packed but not so packed that I couldn't nap in between and get the rest I needed. Not having to think about what I wanted to eat and having meals put down in front of me was much needed. Every meal was different and I leave Sukhavati not only my body feeling refreshed from all the pampering and treatments, my skin is glowing but even more than that - my insides feel nourished and I feel lighter in my body and soul. I have clarity on what I want and what I don't want moving forward. This is a MUST DO for anyone needing some time out. There is nothing like it. I think I will start every Bali trip with some time at Sukhavati in the future. Thank you to all the wonderful staff who bent over backwards to do anything needed, always with smiles on their faces. Loved every minute.

- Helen Nolan

What a truly incredible experience - the treatments were amazing - from massage to facial - an experience like no other. The location simply tranquil - and the staff were so friendly and hospitable - highly recommend this slice of heaven to anyone

- Nick S

This retreat is exactly what I needed. The program plans for every little detail, all I have to do is what I would like and to show up. I am able to fully relax and enjoy my time here. I feel very energized. Can’t wait to come back here.

- Bernie Tan

In what was a brand-new experience for us both, we were supported and encouraged throughout by the kind and caring nature of the staff, the knowledge of the doctors and the connection with our crew. We loved it. We leave with a different perspective to approach our health and that of our family’s. Thank you for the gift.

- Nathan and Tania Buckley

I love Sukhavati. It is a re-set, a time to reflect and a time to start or improve routines. I plan on coming back every year.

- Sophie Davis

I’ve loved every minute, even the Bastis were an experience I’m glad that I did! Thank you to Steve and each member of staff, whether seen or not, for your loving care and attention that has made my stay so special! I’ll be back.

- Kirsteen McLeish

Fantastic combination of treatment and activities. Absolutely loved the doctor and learning about Ayurveda.

- Caterina Cassar

I had an absolutely amazing time here. All the staff including the housekeeping & ground staff have to be commended in their friendliness and warmth in making guests feel welcome. I would definitely come back someday!

- Shilpa

The care, professionalism & skills of all spa technicians is first class in every respect. You will always remember your first spa experience at Sukhavati and will want to return for more!! The Panchakarma treatments offered by Sukhavati will leave you feeling energised, rejuvenated and refreshed. The total wellbeing experience is world class in every respect.

- Russell Murphy

This program gives me a re-set, physically and mentally renewed knowledge to use in my everyday life. Thank you to the Sukhavati family for all your care.

- Deborah Killelea
"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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