Panchakarma: The Ancient Art of Rejuvenation

January 23,2019

Panchakarma and Rejuvenation

Do you sometimes feel like life is on fast forward? Are you constantly rushing around, ticking off your ‘to do’ list and feel like there is no moment to pause?

Have you been feeling tired for a while now and maybe you are getting sick more often? Are you not feeling quite yourself or aren’t as sweet or as loving as perhaps you usually are?

These are all signs that you need to slow down to create space and time for some serious R’n’R.

It’s time to escape, slow down and recover your energy.

In a busy and chaotic world, our mind and body accumulate toxins. Living a life ‘on the go’, we are continually running on overdrive – consistently in a flight and fight response, pumping stress hormones throughout our body. Living this way is only sustainable for a short time. Eventually, we crash and burn.

The greatest antidote to a busy lifestyle is escaping to a wellness retreat. A rejuvenation program can help by reversing the adverse effects of daily living and restore your natural state of health and wellness. Cleansing the body of toxins creates balance in your system.

Taking time out from your usual routine and surroundings also gives you the space to make positive, sustained changes in your lifestyle.

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa in Bali is a little oasis for healing. ‘Sukhavati’ is a Buddhist meaning ‘Land of Bliss’ which perfectly suits this retreat. Set on lush, green land, tucked away in a local village surrounded by jungle, it is the perfect place to reconnect with the slow pace of life.

Experience Panchakarma at Sukhavati

An ancient Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation program

Panchakarma is a beautiful gift that Ayurveda has to offer the world. This sophisticated program explicitly developed for the treatment of illness and the attainment of vitality and longevity. Panchakarma treatments have been refined and developed over thousands of years.

Ayurveda recommends that to keep up high levels of vitality, clarity and youthfulness, it is essential to purify the mind and body internally. Modern natural healing modalities call this detoxification.

Detoxing or removing toxic build up from the body is beneficial in many ways. It creates an ideal environment so the body can function efficiently, it boosts the immune system, improves digestion, improves the clarity of mind, reduces stress, regulates weight, increases energy, and creates beautiful glowing skin, but most importantly, the process is removing the toxic material that causes us to become unwell. Detoxification is the most powerful tool for disease preventative.

Sometimes when we burden our body with inadequate food, high sugar, alcohol, late nights and stressful living, our bodies natural detoxification mechanisms slow down and don’t remove the toxins efficiently.

We are now more than ever also exposed to toxins everywhere in our environment. From the additives and preservatives in the food we eat, the pollution in the air we breathe, the water we drink, to the lotions we put on our skin. Even the negative thoughts, emotional disturbances, and stress we have all create free radicals and toxins in our body.

All of these start to build up, disturb our mind, body and eventually create systemic toxicity which is the breeding ground for all disease.

Symptoms and signs of toxicity:

  • Recurrent headaches
  • Skin rashes/ irritation – eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Muscles ache, fibromyalgia
  • Frequent infections or cold and flu’s/ decreased immune function
  • Poor short-term memory and concentration
  • Sensitivity to environmental chemicals,
  • Fatigue, malaise
  • Fear, worry, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, dull mind
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, sluggish digestion, bad breath
  • Feeling disconnect from your inner being

Panchakarma removes the cause of all diseases to create lasting health. Treatment during Sukhavati’s Panchakarma program will involve removing all toxic or aggravating foods from your diet and introducing a cleansing diet of Ayurvedic dishes such as wholesome, vegetarian Dal, curries and fresh vegetables.

You will receive daily Ayurvedic treatments such as massages, and scrubs that help liquefy and break up the accumulated toxins, while gently encouraging their removal through the digestive tract. Unique Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara deeply relax the nervous system to remove deep-rooted stress, anxiety, and promote deep sleep.

Practicing twice daily Yoga during the program helps to balance the energies of the body while stimulating the lymphatic, circulatory and digestive system to support the elimination of toxins. Daily meditation helps to calm and purify the nervous system to end stress and guide your body into a deep state of relaxation so healing can occur.

Not only is Panchakarma beneficial for the supported treatment in overcoming diseases, but it is a program that allows the mind to move from a state of worry, confusion and stress to one of peace, clarity, insight and happiness. It is the best gift you can give yourself.

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"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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