Finding Passion and Purpose with Meditation

August 17,2016

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Are you interested in learning to meditate? Do you feel unclear about your thoughts, direction or purpose? Sue Griffith has been teaching meditation for the past 30 years to people from every area of private enterprise and government organisations.

Programs are conducted individually over a 7 step process. Sue shares her experience and knowledge on finding one’s passion & purpose.

The thought that we open ourselves to be used by the universe for good. I thought finding your purpose and passion was a thing I had to do.

I have a sense that it may be as simple as making a declaration and dedication to the universal life principle, life energy, Grand Organising Designer (GOD), that I am ready, willing and able to be guided to be an instrument for good.

And passion and purpose will flow in and guide my actions (as I type this, I think, this sounds like a naive way to find one’s passion and purpose- leaving it open to some whim, some outer influence, some otherworld guidance) but I am going to discard that cynical thought. Because, what I do know is that I have been doing my daily routine in preparation for this.

I have made choices to ensure that my mind is clean, clear and as direct as possible, and it is still a work in progress.

The Effortlessness of Living in Tune with the Guiding Principles of Your Inner Nature.

I have a sense that this effortlessness of living is what we are here to discover – the angels, devas, and great ones of this world carry an inner peace and calm through whatever the challenges are in their path.

It is this that is a trust, trusting and trustfulness. It is the essence of mindfulness.

Mindful of receptivity, willingness to be guided from the inner higher plan that in that fullness there is no room for the small weed seeds to germinate and take a strangle hold.

I think there is a secret to living, but the secret is not based on secrecy or withholding knowledge or information. It is in secret and in silence deep within the heart and mind that the seed is nurtured daily in silence.

Not pushed and shoved, forced, cajoled, judged, chastised, feeling retched and wasted.

From an early age – teens, 20s, 30s, 40s – is not too late to start a daily practice of meditation and spend 15 or 20 minutes of practice.

Meditation is the Practice

Prayer and affirmations can be a preparation. By using a thought that is an expression of gratitude, appreciation, love, supplication, devotion and prayer, then letting it go, will finally give way to silence.

The experience of acceptance; being with what is, comes with open awareness free from judgement and analysis. Thoughts will come and go. There is not a boundary, as within the realm of thought. This is the field beyond thought that is an experience of consciousness itself; an inner wakefulness.

It is refreshing and light, like the celestial sky above the cloud. 30 years of daily meditation brings certainty at 60 that the next 30 years will be good.

The best way to learn to meditate is to come and meet us for some introductory information on how this can work especially for you.

You will learn about how your mind works effortlessly in meditation. How the Vedic tradition has preserved this knowledge over thousands of years. How the benefits of energy and clarity will be gained in your life?

Author: Sue Griffith

(Sue Griffith has been teaching meditation for the past 30 years to people from every area of private enterprise and government organisations. Programs are conducted individually over a 7 Step Process.)

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