Bali Yoga Retreat

Sukhavati, a prominent Bali yoga retreat center, runs daily yoga sessions to bring you closer to your spiritual and healthier side.

Our programs are designed to make you more aware of the posture, alignment, patterns, and movements of your body.

Yoga lightens up all the stress and mental and emotional burdens that your body takes, and provides more immunity, resilience and adjustability.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis triggers the functions of brain that help you realize your physical and mental potential, energizing you physically and emotionally.

The yoga retreat programs in Bali help relieve the body from pains, leaving the mind clear and settled.

Yoga postures or aasanas suggested by our Yoga retreat Bali center allow your body to gain a great flexibility and strength.

The benefits of Yoga Programs offer at Sukhavati:

• Release tension from the body
• Relieve stress
• Improve flexibility of the body
• Relax and lead to mental clarity
• Recognize the healing and spiritual potentials of the body
• Vitalize the blood flow and lymphatic fluids
• Lower the level of toxins in the body
• Improve flexibility and strength
• Boost the flow of oxygen into the body, enrich the purity of blood and calm the central nervous system through Pranayama (breathing technique)

Guru Ji (Made Warnawa)
and Agung (Anak Agung Dalem Mulia) are two renowned Yoga teachers at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, who train our guests to adapt yoga, pranayama, and meditation in their everyday life.

Yoga sessions are a part of all our Rejuvenation Programs.