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Veda Wellness Is Now Open

October 15,2014

Veda Wellness Is Now Open

Veda Wellness uses Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga to increase wellbeing and happiness.

They deliver the most practical system of strategies for developing the best in a person’s health and happiness. This includes increased emotional intelligence, enlivened consciousness, improved energy and resilience, along with stress reduction.

As Sukhavati’s sister company, Veda Wellness provides great support for you on your health journey.

Before you begin your Panchkarma program at Sukhavati, an in-depth consultation with the qualified health practitioner will provide a tailored program to start the detoxification process. They will evaluate your health concerns and aims and prescribe herbal medicine, a lifestyle routine, stress relief techniques, and a specific diet to start removing the root cause of your symptoms and prepare your mind and body for the cleanse. A consultation will also provide specific Ayurvedic protocols to start 1-2 weeks before you departure that will ensure the body is effectively prepared to encourage a deeper release of toxins so more profound benefits of healing and rejuvenation can occur during your program.

The week or two after Panchakarma is a very critical time. During your stay at Sukhavati, your body will have effectively eliminated toxins and kick start the body’s innate healing ability. To encourage and continue this process it’s important to stick to a specific routine and diet to ensure a smooth transition. This is the time your body is also deeply rejuvenating. Now all the toxins have been removed, and the mind and body are clean and clear, it’s time to build all the tissues with excellent nourishment for sustainable wellbeing and longevity.

Veda Wellness offers support to formulate a program specific for you to keep you motivated and on track. A post-panchakarma consultation includes a health assessment, a customized rejuvenation program including Ayurvedic diet and nutrition plan, recommended supplements, exercises and lifestyle choices and specific protocols regarding rejuvenation. The Veda Wellness practitioners will liaise with the Ayurvedic Doctors at Sukhavati so they are well informed of your program and progress, and will work with them to monitor your case so you can get the very best in health care.

Ongoing consultations for continued support is also beneficial so the practitioners can monitor your progress and review or make adjustments to your treatment plan as your state of health enhances. This will ensure the most profound benefits of your stay at Sukhavati will continue months after you have left the estate.

Visit the Veda Wellness Website here >>>

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