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November 19,2014

choosing a Ayurvedic rejuvenation programWe know how daunting the process of choosing a rejuvenation program can be

Will our programs suit your needs? Will you like the treatments? Etc, etc.

To help answer your questions, we have interviewed some of our past guests with 10 of the most comman questions when booking a program. This months interview is with one of our lovely guests, Natalie Wagner (Owner/Creator of Body Mind and Soul Awakening).

How long did you stay with us at Sukhavati?

Natalie: I did the 7 day Refresh Program.

In three words describe Sukhavati.

Natalie: An absolute gift.

What was your favourite part of the program?

Natalie: The best thing about the program is that you are assessed as an individual and your treatments are given to you based on what you specifically need to get back into balance.

Describe the treatments for people that aren’t sure what Ayurvedic treatments are.

Natalie: The resident Ayurvedic doctor ensures that you are given a range of treatments that don’t just relax you but that treat your issues and help shift the blocked in toxins that are causing you mental and physical anguish, discomfort or sickness.

What was the biggest health benefit you received from the program?

Natalie: I believe that Ayurveda brings awareness to every part of your body and teaches you that caring for one’s self is multifaceted. It is a lifestyle that incorporates nourishing foods according to your dosha (your body’s constitution), mediation, yoga, and herbal medicines with the ultimate goal to raise your consciousness and experience everyday good health, joy and gratitude. This understanding I now have on how to really care for myself has given me happiness and confidence to go forward on my path.

Describe your before & after mind/ body state?

Natalie: I had done a lot of work on myself before this retreat but I was looking to take my wellbeing to the next level. Before Sukhavati I was at the stage where I had the last 5kilos to loose and I had been stuck there for years. Sukhavati holds space for you to better understand who you are and acknowledge, shift, release and grow. Through doing this I was able to finally start to uncover my body’s true natural state.

Was it easy to incorporate aspects of the program into your everyday life?

Natalie: At Sukhavati you gain the understanding of what is best for you and how to best promote inner vitality of your body, mind and spirit. When it came to applying this when I got home, it was easy. Unlike a lot of ‘diets’, it actually didn’t require the drastic changes that I thought it might. Just incorporating a few important practices into my daily routine has made a huge impact and I’m not even doing all of them religiously. Purchasing the Sukhavati cook book and using it is essential.

Who would you recommend this program too?

Natalie: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a retreat that is relaxing, peaceful, has the yoga and meditation, but importantly has a medical side to it as well. Having the Ayurvedic doctor and/or consultant to help teach and guide you through your wellness journey every day, gives you the foundation you need to continue the benefits at home.

Do you have any advice for people contemplating booking a rejuvenation program at Sukhavati?

Natalie: My aim for going on this retreat was to once and for all actually make a lasting change for my health. So often we are filled with lots of knowledge about health and wellness and what is good for us, but why don’t we put it into practice? Why do we know better but we don’t do better? Sukhavati helps link all the pieces together through a well thought out program that gently helps and guides you towards inner peace and vitality.

Can you see yourself returning to Sukhavati?

Natalie: I will be returning 🙂

"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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