The Raju Banana Purification Treatment

A Specific Treatment for Women with Gynaecological Health Issues

One particularly unique and revered treatment program offered exclusively at Sukhavati is the Banana Purification Treatment. This treatment from the Raju family lineage (our in-resident Ayurvedic doctor) has benefited women worldwide for centuries. It is designed to cleanse and purify the entire human body and the female reproductive system in particular.

The Banana Purification Treatment is taken by women on their menstrual cycle as it helps them to balance hormones, increase fertility and detoxify the physiology. Ayurveda deems the menstrual cycle to be a deep and intense detoxification, and a profound purification that a woman is blessed to experience each month.

Some women may experience noticeable relief from chronic and severe symptoms related to their health issues between three and five days after commencing Banana Purification Treatment, though the same might not occur in all cases.

Who Does This Treatment Best Serve?

The Raju Banana Purification Treatment is highly beneficial for women who experience the following conditions:

  • Period pain
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Fibroids
  • Cysts
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Other related hormonal and reproductive health concerns

Women who undergo treatment often experience benefits such as pain-free periods, better-balanced hormones and smoother emotions. Women who simply want to be able to conceive and enjoy a healthy pregnancy are also encouraged to undergo the treatment.

How Does the Purification Program Work?

  • The treatment requires that the woman takes medicinal herbs that have been specially prepared with bananas each day during menstruation.
  • Throughout this time, the participant will follow a simple diet combined with rest and meditation. This enables the body to move into an intense state of relaxation that facilitates an enhanced level of healing.
  • Banana purification works by balancing the body’s physiology, removing any obstructions and extracting toxins and impurities throughout the body.
  • A sole Banana Purification Treatment administered during menstruation offers benefits equivalent to two or more 23-day intensive Panchakarma programs.


Essential to the facilitation of healing in this program is the ‘Success without Stress’ meditation technique. This tool aids in the removal of deep stress from the body, enabling the body to seamlessly enter a phase where deep healing can take place.

In all adverse gynaecological health conditions, stress is a primary aggravating factor. Therefore overcoming stress, or at the very least being able to manage it through meditation, is crucial.
The practice of meditation also increases nourishment of the body, manages oxygen levels, and provides a working connection between the uterus and the nervous system.

Our Meditation course is a 4-Day Program (two hours per day) and can be taught at our head office in Melbourne, Australia or at Sukhavati, Bali during your program. The Ayurvedic Program does not include the cost of learning to meditate and to learn we recommend you discuss and organise this with our reservations officer, before checking in. If you would like to enquire about learning to meditate during your time at Sukhavati, please speak with one of our reservation officers today.

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