My Story: Sarah Wade

January 24,2019

Sarah Wade discusses her reasons for visiting Sukhavati, her prior-knowledge of Ayurveda and what she got out of our rejuvenation program. Read the full interview below.

“Amazing experience. The tailored program and treatments were incredible. I loved everything about my stay there.”
Sarah Wade

Sarah Wade during her detox program at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat Bali
Photo provided from Sarah Wade.

Sarah Wade, a Melbourne sponsorship and marketing consultant, currently living in Sydney visited Sukhavati in August, 2018 for a 4 Day Program. We caught up with Sarah to find out about her experience at Sukhavati!

1. What was your reason for choosing Sukhavati for your program and holiday?

Sarah: I have always wanted to do a health retreat and Sukhavati came about at a time when I had decided to take a career break and was travelling to Bali. It was the perfect chance for me to stop, reflect and re-set.

2. What did you enjoy the most or a highlight from your time at Sukhavati?

Sarah: I loved everything about it – the retreat was so tranquil. The treatments were amazing and I enjoyed the daily yoga and delicious food.

 3. Please describe the service of our retreat staff.

Sarah: The staff were so beautiful and caring! They went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect.

4. How would you rate Sukhavati’s ability to provide a relaxing environment for guests? (Out of 10)

Sarah: 9/10

5. Is there anything from your time at Sukhavati that you have already, or that you plan to take home with you and introduce to your life?

Sarah: Dr Raju provided me with some valuable information pertaining to my health including ongoing treatments and recommended dietary changes. It was also a reminder about the importance of practicing meditation and yoga regularly.

6. Can you comment on any noticeable results or changes you have experienced from your time at Sukhavati?

Sarah: Overall my health, mindset and wellbeing has improved. It was exactly what I needed. I only wish I had have stayed longer!

7. Did you know anything about Ayurveda before coming on this program?

Sarah: I had never been to a retreat like this before. I had very limited knowledge of Ayurveda prior to staying at Sukhavati.

8. Before this program, did you practise Yoga?

Sarah: Yes, but sparingly.

9. If you had to describe Sukhavati, Bali in three words, what would they be?

Sarah: Rejuvenation, Paradise, Holistic.

"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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