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April 14,2016

Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Mithun Raju

Sukhavati’s Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Mithun Raju, discusses his life, training and his beliefs surrounding Sukhavati and Ayurveda.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Hyderabad, which is in the Southern part of India.

How long have you been practising Ayurveda?

I have been practising Ayurveda, since I graduated in 2009, I was 24 years old.

Where did you study?

I studied at SDM College of Ayurveda and after that I studied at SJG Ayurvedic Medical College. They are based in the Southern part of India.

How do you explain Ayurveda to someone who is not familiar with it?

It is the science of life, which recognizes human beings as a part of nature. it brings back ones’ body, mind & spirit in a balanced state and also creates a healthy lifestyle.

You come from a long-lineage of Ayurvedic doctors, can you tell us about your family’s history with Ayurveda?

Yes, I hail from a traditional Ayurvedic family, that has been involved in Ayurvedic practises for over 400 years. My great-grandfather, Vaidya Subba Raju, received the knowledge of Ayurveda and the pulse diagnosing technique from his parents. He then went on to teach my grandparents, Vaidyu Sada Siva Raju, and he then went on to also teach my parents, Vaidya Gopinadhu Raju. My parents continued the family tradition and taught myself and my elder brother, Vaidya Kalyan Chakravarthy.

You practise the Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis technique, tell us how you learn’t? How long have you been practising for?

Yes,I learn’t this technique from my grandparents, father & my maternal uncles. I have been practising the technique for 5 years.

Why do you think Sukhavati differs so much from other health retreats?

Sukhavati is quite unique form other retreats because it brings back peoiple’s happiness and energy, both mentally and physically. Sukhavati has a healthy atmosphere, with different kinds of treatments, based on the individuals’ needs.

Why do you think our programs at Sukhavati are so effective?

Sukhavati is a place to help cleanse the body of any impurities, both physically and mentally. My consultations are based and planned around the guests’ health conditions and their treatments are then personally advised, to be most effective. Thus, our programs are designed and organised to accomodate and encourgae the most healing, results and benefits for the guests.

What do you love most about Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the world’s holistic system, which has developed through thousands of years, since it’s creation in India. Ayurveda aims to balance one’s natural way of life.

Are the principles of Ayurveda easy to incorporate into everyday life?

Yes, the value of Ayurvedic science, cannot be measures, as it describes life itself. The advantages and disadvantages, a person’s happiness and what is good and bad for life is all explained and treated, through the use of Ayurveda.

If you can give someone a piece of health advice, what would it be?

The word Kaya means body, changing out life style through diet, exercise, herbs, meditation and massage will relieve many health conditions. Choosing self-awareness in our journey towards enlightenment and spiritual healing is the best piece of advice, I could give someone.

What is your favourite Ayurvedic treatment and why?

All of the treatments are my favourites. However, most of the toxins are accumulated in the digestive system, so I prefer different kinds of Virechana, in order to keep the digestive system in a balanced state.

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