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Introducing: The Banana Treatment

May 10,2016

Introducing: The Banana Treatment

The Banana Treatment is a specific treatment for women with Gynecological health issues.


Banana Purification Treatment purifies the entire body, particularly the female reproductive. With 3-5 days of this treatment, significant relief can be achieved from chronic and severe problems. This treatment is beneficial for women that have painful periods, Pre Menstrual Syndrome, fibroids, cysts, infertility, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea and other related hormonal and reproductive health issues. It’s also beneficial for women who desire to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Success rate for this treatment is 70-80%. Two or more consecutive treatments may be required to adequately rebalance the system.

Benefits reported from this treatment include regular, pain-free menstruation, balanced hormones and smooth emotions.

The Banana Purification treatment involves taking medicinal herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of menstruation. During this time a simple diet is followed with plenty of rest and meditation, to allow the body to move into a deep state of relaxation where healing can occur. The treatment works by balancing the physiology, clearing obstructions, and drawing toxins, impurities and hormones, from all over the body into the menstrual blood to be expelled.

The Success without Stress Meditation technique is an essential tool in this program to facilitate healing. It assists in greatly eliminating deep seated stress from the body, and allows the body to simply and effortlessly enter a state where the immune system is activated and deep healing can occur. Stress is a major cause and/or aggravating factor in all Gynecological health conditions so its elimination is the key for overcoming disease. Mediation also increases body tissue nourishment, maintains oxygen levels and supports the connection between uterus and the Nervous System – all vital for healing Gynecological health conditions. A major component of the Banana Purification Program is learning the SWS Meditation Technique.



Pre-program Health consultation via Skype or in Person with our Ayurvedic Consultant
Learn the Success without Stress Meditation Technique:

  • Pre-program in Melbourne at Veda Wellness
  • At Sukhavati during the Banana Treatment Program
  • Initial health consultation at Sukhavati with Dr. Raju
  • 3-5 days of Banana Treatment
  • 5 months’ herbal medication program post-program and rejuvenation program as prescribed by Dr. Raju


  • A pre-program health consultation with our Ayurvedic Consultant is to start you on the path of wellness and assists you to get the best results from your stay at Sukhavati. A pre-program protocol will be given based on your health concerns using diet and regime using diet, herbal medicine and lifestyle therapies. This can be via Skype, or in person in Melbourne, Australia.
  • After arriving at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa in Bali, you will have an initial consultation with Dr Raju, Sukhavati’s in-residence Dr. who will set your Banana Treatment Program. The Dr will be aware of your pre-program protocol set by our Ayurvedic Consultant.
  • Treatment will be given for 3-5 days during menstruation, depending on your condition. You will receive your medicines in the morning from Dr. Raju, daily. Rest is required during the treatment, followed by a meditation.
  • The days are spent in a state of deep rest and relaxation. There will be no Yoga, exercise or outings during the period. The days should be spent silently, doing as much meditation as possible, reading and resting.
  • During your stay you will get daily follow up consultation with Dr. Raju so he can monitor your case and answer any questions you may have.


  • This program can only be taken during the days of menstruation:
  • Therefore, you must be aware of your next menstruation date and book your stay at Sukhavati accordingly. If you are experiencing conditions where you are unable to predict your cycle, then we recommend a full 2-3 week Panchakarma program at Sukhavati first, or to book in for a health consultation with our Ayurvedic Consultant at Veda Wellness.
  • Treatments are not advisable during the program:
  • There will be no treatments during your stay. All treatments (facials, massage, reflexology) are not advised or given during your stay as there will be a lot of hormonal changes occurring and these may cause disruption
  • Yoga and/or Exercise is not advisable during the program:
  • As you will be menstruating during the program, all Yoga and exercise is not recommended. This is due to the loss of blood during menstruation which leads to dizziness and low blood pressure. Yoga and exercise can disrupt the rebalancing of hormones which is trying to be achieved during the treatment.
  • Age:
  • This treatment is open for women from puberty till 45 years.
  • Diet:
  • A specific nourishing and healing diet is given during the program. A vegetarian diet of grains, vegetables and dairy is given. You are to strictly avoid spicy food, alcohol, non-vegetarian, chili, coffee, tea, salt and sour tastes. We can cater for gluten free, dairy free and other food preference.
  • Herbal Medicines:
  • As part of your pre-program and stay at Sukhavati, herbal medicine will be prescribed to facilitate the healing process. You will also be prescribed a 5-month program of herbal medicines to continue after your stay. This will be set by the Dr. at the end of your Banana treatment program. This regime is important to follow for this duration for continued benefits and healing. The herbs create a positive impact on the physiology with no side effect.
  • As each person and their condition is different, the type and amount of medicines prescribed will be unique to the individual. Because of this, the costs of the medicines aren’t included in the program price.
  • When prescribing medicines, we work with you and take into consideration your budget and lifestyle.



  • Pre-program health consultation – 90 minutes, via Skype or in person in Melbourne, Australia
  • The Success without Stress Meditation Program – 4-day instruction – 1 hour each, learning in Melbourne, Australia pre-program or at Sukhavati retreat during stay.
  • Initial health consultation with Dr. Raju
  • Daily follow up consultations with Dr. Raju
  • 3-5 days of banana treatment
  • All meals – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and herbal teas
  • Accommodation – 5 nights, 6 days
  • Airport transfers


  • 5 months’ medicine post-program
  • Airfares to and from Bali


We have two types of villa choices available in this package (luxury and private pool). The below prices include; treatment costs/consultation,accommodation, Meditation Program and food.

5 Day Banana Treatment Program with One Bedroom Luxury Villa Accommodation

Single Occupancy: USD $1445* ++ 15% Government Taxes & Service Surcharge (*PLUS: SWS Meditation program $950 + Pre-program Consultation $140)

5 Day Banana Treatment Program with One Bedroom Private Pool Villa Accommodation

Single Occupancy: USD $1845* ++ 15% Government Taxes & Service Surcharge (*PLUS: SWS Meditation program $950 + Pre-program Consultation $140)


1. What if I can’t predict my menstruation cycle for the treatment?

This specific treatment is only advised during menstruation. If you cannot predict the exact day, we recommend booking in for a 2-3 full Panchakarma program to address issue. If menstruation starts during your program, then you can start the banana program.

2. What if I go to Sukhavati and then do not begin menstruating?

If menstruating doesn’t occur on the first or second day, then the Dr. can put you onto a normal Panchakarma program specific for your health aims, where you will receive Panchakarma treatments and diet.

3. What if I do not get my period for extensive lengths at a time?

We recommend booking in for a consultation with our Ayurvedic Consultant to first regularise menstruation using herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle therapy. Also a 2-3 week Panchakarma is advised.

4. Can I swim whilst undergoing the program?

No, not at all advisable during menstruation.

6. Am I allowed to participate in group bike rides?

No, not at all advisable during menstruation.

7. Am I allowed to leave the Estate during the treatment?

No, not at all advisable during menstruation. The guests are advised to take rest or relax in the room and is best if they do not leave the Sukhavati estate.

8. What if I suffer from food allergies and intolerances?

We can cater for gluten free, dairy free and other food preference.

9. What are the herbal medicine supplements used and are they safe?

We mainly prescribe herbal tablets, powders and oils. All medicines are top quality and scientifically verified. All the herbal supplements have been standardised to have the correct active constituent and have been measured in potency, safety, efficacy, and are free of heavy metals.

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