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July 15,2016

Find out how you can become a retreat leader and experience the serenity and beauty of Sukhavati, Bali.

Sukhavati has developed a unique all inclusive Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program combining revitalising Ayurvedic therapies, diet, yoga and meditation to help bring balance, energy and peace to your entire being.

Created under the expert guidance of Doctor JR Raju, one of the greatest exponents of Ayurvedic medicine in India, the Sukhavati programs are designed to restore complete physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Personally prescribed rejuvenation programs are tailored by our Ayurveda specialists, while the trained technicians and staff monitor your progress every step of the way.

The range of daily activities include yoga, meditation and learning seminars on diet and lifestyle to support the changes that restore energy and vitality to your life.

Experienced teachers of yoga and meditation bring to life the ancient teachings of Vedic Knowledge that can be easily applied in our modern living with simple techniques to restore your body’s own natural healing balance.

Fresh, vegetarian and organic foods are an essential part of this healing program. The Ayurvedic cuisine is so delicious you will want to take up one of the vegetarian cooking classes.

You can explore the Balinese culture while staying at Sukhavati, enjoying a magical evening of music and dance performances, visiting the village temple or participating in the local celebrations for an experience of traditional life in Bali.

Our passion at Sukhavati is helping you recreate your experience and vision of your ideal self. If you’re lacking energy and enthusiasm for life and work, feeling anxious or stressed, dealing with a serious health problem in your life or just need to take time to slow down, then the benefits of the Sukhavati Rejuvenation Programs will help you.

Sukhavati is a world class destination health retreat, from the moment you enter the world of healing at Sukhavati you know it will be a special and precious time.

We invite you to share the benefits and experience of Sukhavati with your guests.

Hosted retreat flyer for a 7 Day Refresh Program

7 Day Refresh Program

Escape, slow down and recover your energy; our 7 Day Refresh Program will support your body’s natural healing ability.

Embrace a new sense of wellbeing, leave feeling refreshed with a new level of energy and happiness which will continue long after the program finishes and set you on your path to perfect health.

Do you have a service you want to add to your program?
Our Group Retreat Hosts often add a benefit that only their retreat will have, for example additional yoga classes or healing sessions.Speak to our representative, by emailing about how we can tailor your retreat.

Refresh Program Inclusions:

  • 6 Nights Private Luxury Villa Accommodation plus additional complimentary night prior to program commencement. (Total of 7 nights)
  • Ayurvedic consultation and outline of your personal rejuvenation program along with a follow up consultation and seminar throughout your stay
  • 90 minutes of comprehensive daily prescribed Ayurvedic treatments tailored by our Ayurvedic specialist, for example Abhyanga; a synchronised full body massage provided by two of our technicians and other various treatments including Swedana, Shirodhara, Pizzichill
  • Twice daily yoga sessions (if you are a yoga teacher you may wish to hold your own classes)
  • 3x luxurious Ayurvedic facials & foot massages
  • Freshly prepared Ayurvedic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fresh Juices and Herbal Teas
  • Fruit basket upon your arrival
  • Return airport transfers
  • Balinese Performance
  • Local village bike rides and walk
  • Wi-Fi internet connection

How It Works:

  • Sukhavati has eight villas. As retreat host you will stay in one villa leaving seven to sell.
  • Select the length and dates for the program, these dates will be reserved for you exclusively to sell.
  • Program inclusions and exclusions will be the same as all other Sukhavati programs. If you wish to add your own inclusions to the retreat, this can be discussed.
  • Host will charge the guests RRP of the program and collect 30% commission from each sale.
  • Each program can only have one host. If there is a second host they must stay in the same villa as the main host and will be charged for meals & treatments.
  • Host must confirm all guests with Sukhavati at least 2 months prior to the program commencement.
  • If the host is unable to sell all villas two months prior to the program commencement date, Sukhavati can book its own clients on the program to counteract any potential loss of income from vacant villas. This will be communicated with host.

For more information about our luxury ayurvedic programs in Bali, please contact

"Best healthy holiday ever - surrender & reset mind, body and soul." February 2, 2019 - A TripAdvisor Traveler Read 138 reviews of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa
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