3 things you can do to Rejuvenate Your Body after a stay at Sukhavati Wellness Retreat

November 22,2017

Body rejuvenation after detoxing

What we do after a Cleanse is equally, if not more, important than the Detox itself.

At Sukhavati, the program we created involves cleansing away ama, or toxic plaque, that has built up in our digestive system and manifested in the deeper layers of tissues and fat cells of the body. We do this through treatments, food, yoga, herbs and cleansing methods.

From an Ayurvedic perspective this plaque is the breeding ground of all disease. It clogs up the body, impairing its correct functioning, weakening the immune system and creating an internal environment where the disease process can thrive.

Once this plaque is cleared from the system, the channels for the body are clear and everything starts to operate in its best state. Now its time to nourish the body on a deeper level, creating healthy cells, tissues and strengthening immunity. Reversing the pathway of imbalance and building resilience to disease.

In the weeks and even months following a cleanse, it is extremely important to take extra care of the mind, emotions, and physical body. This period of time is what will create longevity and optimal health. This is the real purpose of why we cleanse.

These action after a cleanse is called Rasayana. A Sanskrit word that translates to rejuvenation, longevity or even anti-aging!

After you depart Sukhavati, our in residence Ayurvedic Vaidya (Doctor) will prescribe you a tailored home program. This is your Rasayana practice. It’ll include foods, herbs and routines that are beneficial for you to create healthy cells, tissues, systems and restore the mind and body to its peak. Its extremely important to follow this the best you can to gain the most benefits of your cleanse.

In addition to your Rasayana practice there are a few key points that will help support this process of rejuvenation after a cleanse:

1. Nurture your Digestion (Agni)

Agni is our digestive fire. Maintaining healthy Agni means strong digestion, absorption, assimilation and metabolism of nutrients. It supports the generation of healthy tissues, and provides the body the building blocks it needs to function at its peak. Having a well functioning digestive system is the key to longevity and prevention of disease in Ayurveda.

To support digestion, prefer warm, cooked meals over raw, cold, dry foods. This is particularly important for the first week upon departing Sukhavati. Avoid ice cold food and drinks. Sip on hot water throughout the day.

You can kindle this digestive fire by taking a little grated ginger with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon, 15 minutes before each main meal of the day. This will prime and prepare digestion by supporting the release of digestive enzymes.

2. Strengthen Vitality and Boost Immunity (Build Ojas)

The purpose of Rasayana is to build strong, healthy tissues and immunity. In Ayurveda, this is called the essence of Ojas. Translated as Vitality or Vigour, Ojas is a substance in the body which is the foundation of our immunity, our underlying energy reserve, and the basis of happiness and contentment. It’s created through first of all taking a healthy, wholesome diet, and having strong Agni.

There are certain foods and herbs that directly create Ojas and provide superior nutrition to our tissues. Rasayana foods include dates, coconut, almonds, saffron, milk (if can tolerate) and ghee. There are also Rasayana pastes such as Chywanprasha. These are excellent substances to take regularly after a cleanse.

These foods prior to a cleanse can be quite heavy to digest, but after a cleanse once the channels are cleared and digestion is strong, we are able to receive the full benefits of these powerful foods.

3. Establish Stress Management and Self-Care Practices

Its important to take it easy after a cleanse. A big part of an Ayurvedic cleanse is to purify stress from the physiology and promote a deep state of relaxation. When we are at a deep sate of rest our body heals, repairs, and toxins are eliminated more easily.

It’s important to maintain balance in mind and body once returned home for continuation of the healing benefits. For the first 2 weeks upon returning, make an extra effort to conserve energy. Take it easy and don’t rush straight back into your busy schedule.

Continue the healthy daily habits established at Sukhavati such as going to bed early and waking early, as best you can. Start to incorporate nourishing self care practices slowly into your daily routines such as regular Yoga, self oil massage and daily Meditation. Not only will this provide a smoother transition back into daily life, but will create abundant energy and vitality.

Don’t feel as if you need to do a total lifestyle overhaul—allow this process to be enjoyable and easy. Slow changes are the most sustainable changes.

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Author: Tegan Wallis
Holistic Health Practitioner

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