Treatments at Sukhavati

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies:  

  • Abhyanga
    A traditional synchronised full body massage which helps to liquefy toxins and induces relaxation, whilst normalising blood pressure and eliminating impurities. 
  • Shirodhara
    Herbalised oils are warmed and poured in a gentle, continuous stream across the forehead to alleviate mental strain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. 
  • Pizzichilli
    An indulgent, luxurious experience in which two technicians slowly massage the body using warm herbalised oils. Pizzichilli relieves joint and muscular pain, strengthens the immunity, liquefies toxins and is a rejuvenating experience of deep relaxation. 
  • Swedana
    Swedana which is also known as steaming is performed in our specially designed steam cabin. This treatment is designed to detoxify, release muscle tension and promote weight loss.
  • Takradhara
    Takradhara is a continuous, controlled stream of medicated warm oil or buttermilk which is poured onto the forehead. This treatment pacifies the senses creating profound mind-body relaxation. It deeply relaxes and revitalises the central nervous system, dispersing negative electrical impulses accummulated in the forehead from stress.
  • Patra Pottali
    In this treatment herbs are bound in cloth bags which are then dipped in herbalised oils and heated before being applied to the body. Patra Pottali helps eliminate arthritis, joint pain and back problems.
  • Navarakizhi
    This is recommended for Vata and Pitta ailments. In this process cloth bags are filled with Navar rice and soaked in medicated milk then massage is done all over the body as in Abhyanga. This treatment strengthens the nervous system, improves the appearance of skin and helps remove strain and stress.
  • Nasya
    This treatment is the nasal application of medication. It is prescribed to remove excess Kapha dosha in the nose, throat and head area.
  • Kati Basti
    This treatment is practiced to ease lower back pain. A small circle of paste made from black gram or wheat flour is placed on the lower back. Warmed oil is then poured into the depression created by the ring of paste.
  • Griva
    This treatment is specially prepared where warm medicated oil is kept over the back of the neck. This treatment is designed to relieve chronic neck pain.
  • Hriday Basti
    In this process specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the chest. This treatment is used to relieve chest pain, asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Netra Tarpan
    Medicated ghee is poured into a ring over the eyes. After sufficient ghee has been poured, the eyes are intermittently opened and closed for a short period. Eye dryness caused by aggravation of the Vata or Pitta Dosha is commonly treated by Netra Tarpan.
  • Matra Basti
    This treatment is an oil enema which helps to lubricate the bowels and nourishes the intestines and the pelvic region.
  • Shodana Basti
    Shodana Basti eliminates all the waste products and toxins out of the intestines which may have been stored for an extended period and that have been loosened during the different stages of the panchakarma treatment.
  • Shiro Pichu
    This is a treatment in which cotton pads are placed on the crown of the head with medicated oils.
  • Chakra Varti Basti
    Chakra Varti Basti is applied to the umbilical region. It acts on the solar plexus and balances the digestive fire. This treatment helps indigestion and constipation.
  • Greeva Basti
    This is a treatment applied on the back of the neck using warm medicated oil or decoction.
  • Janu Basti
    Janu Basti is applied on the knee with warm medicated oil or herbal decoction. This treatment promotes the strength of the knee joint by improving the circulation.
  • Face Pack
    The face pack heals and lightens scars, evens out the skin tone, soothes and moisturises the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft, rejuvenated and improves the complexion.
  • Ubtan
    Ubtan is an Ayurvedic beauty ritual to give skin a healthy glow. This treatment stimulates lymph flow, exfoliates skin and helps release toxins from the body.