The Banana Treatment

 The Banana Treatment is a specific treatment for women with Gynecological health issues.

Banana Purification Treatment purifies the entire body, particularly the female reproductive. With 3-5 days of this treatment, significant relief can be achieved from chronic and severe problems. This treatment is beneficial for women that have painful periods, Pre Menstrual Syndrome, fibroids, cysts, infertility, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea and other related hormonal and reproductive health issues. It’s also beneficial for women who desire to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Success rate for this treatment is 70-80%. Two or more consecutive treatments may be required to adequately rebalance the system.

Benefits reported from this treatment include regular, pain-free menstruation, balanced hormones and smooth emotions.

The Banana Purification treatment involves taking medicinal herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of menstruation. During this time a simple diet is followed with plenty of rest and meditation, to allow the body to move into a deep state of relaxation where healing can occur. The treatment works by balancing the physiology, clearing obstructions, and drawing toxins, impurities and hormones, from all over the body into the menstrual blood to be expelled.

The Success without Stress Meditation technique is an essential tool in this program to facilitate healing. It assists in greatly eliminating deep seated stress from the body, and allows the body to simply and effortlessly enter a state where the immune system is activated and deep healing can occur.  Stress is a major cause and/or aggravating factor in all Gynecological health conditions so its elimination is the key for overcoming disease. Mediation also increases body tissue nourishment, maintains oxygen levels and supports the connection between uterus and the Nervous System – all vital for healing Gynecological health conditions.  A major component of the Banana Purification Program is learning the SWS Meditation Technique.


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