Specialised Weight Loss

Weight loss at Sukhavati is an easy and enjoyable process that incorporates mind, body and spirit. By combining the modalities of Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic diet, Yoga and Meditation, weight loss is achievable, sustainable, and accompanied with increased energy, more confidence, better mobility, and a deeper appreciation of your body.

Weight loss at Sukhavati is a holistic approach that includes discovering your unique body constitution and foods that support its natural balance, lifestyle recommendations, internal herbal medicines, and external therapies including massage and detoxifying procedures. We teach people how to eat delicious, wholesome food in a mindful way that supports digestion, metabolism and consciously nourishes the body.

Weight loss is achieved by creating balance in your unique body type. Something that is unique to Ayurveda is that it does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to health. We know that different people respond differently to foods, exercises, daily routines, weather, and environments.

We all have bodily humours in the body, called Doshas, but we each have a different proportion of them that gives us our own unique make up. This unique combination is known as our constitution or mind/body type, and is like our DNA. This is called our Prakriti in Sanskrit, and is responsible for everything from our habits, emotions, likes and dislikes to our bodily structure, reaction to foods or propensity to certain illnesses or conditions. Knowing your constitution is like having a blue print for life - each Dosha has its own ‘personality’ with its respective strengths and areas of weaknesses. We are mainly a Vata (Air) type, Pitta (Fire) type or Kapha (Earth) type.

This is quite a profound idea to realise: what’s right for one constitution isn’t necessarily right for the other. We don’t all have to fit into the same box of how we should look, think and feel. This means that there is no one diet that is right for everyone. Awareness of your Dosha or constitution is the key to health and sustainable weight loss in Ayurveda as it helps you to make better choices, particularly in regard to diet and lifestyle. Upon arrival at Sukhavati you will have a consultation with our resident Doctor who will tailor make a program specific to your body type and weight loss aims, and guide and support you through this process.

Ayurveda believes our digestive fire called ‘Agni’, is responsible for our metabolism. It is the metabolic fire that takes energy and nourishment from food and is also part of the immune system as it destroys harmful toxins and organisms. An imbalance in Agni in the tissues creates Ama (a toxic residue) and congestion in the body, contributing to decrease metabolic function, excess weight, fluid retention and the formation of excess fat tissue. The therapies of weight loss at Sukhavati remove Ama and other impurities from the system. They carry toxic waste from the external tissues to the digestive tract so it can be eliminated and expelled from the body.

By cleansing and detoxifying the body this process helps to re-build the Agni, which stimulates our metabolism to burn up fat tissue and toxins at a cellular level, preventing it from re-forming. This process rebalances the body on a deeper level so sustainable and healthy weight loss is achieved. For best and sustainable results a minimum of a 14 day program is recommended.

Weight loss treatments:

  • Ubtan:
    Ubtan is a luxurious full body exfoliation that has been used as part of a beauty regime in India for thousands of years. It is used traditionally in pre-wedding rituals to create youthful, glowing skin for the bride.  Ubtan is a mix of different powders from grains and spices, combined together with oils to form a paste that is then rubbed over the whole body in a synchronized manner by 2 technicians. Used for weight loss an Ubtan is a powerful lymphatic and circulatory stimulant, which aids in the detoxification process. 

The ingredients used are dry and rough in nature and hot in potency and when rubbed all over the body they induce the same qualities in the deeper tissues and remove excess congestion, water, stiffness and blockages from the system.

Massaged all over the body this creates a feeling of lightness and creates a cutting and liquefying action on the fat tissue. The method in which it is rubbed creates friction that opens the pores, removes blockages in vessels and increases the heat in the tissues to stimulate fat metabolism.

Benefits include reducing cellulite, decreasing subcutaneous fat tissue, creating a glowing skin complexion, cleansing the skin, creating better skin tone and decreasing body stiffness.  

Specialised weight loss treatments can be incorporated into any of our Rejuvenation Programs.