Meditation Retreat

Meditation is an essential part of our Ayurvedic treatment program.

It, along with other sessions, improves the abilities of your brain, while allowing it to counteract mental and emotional problems.

To be innovative and creative, our mind needs to broaden its thought process.

People usually are not aware of the potential of psyche, the mind. It has unbounded, limitless powers to solve many health and emotional issues.

The meditation sessions in the calm and serene settings of our five-star wellness, yoga and meditation retreat center enable your brain to gain the energy required to achieve that.

Our meditation techniques can work wonders to your everyday life.

By learning our Success Without Stress Meditation techniques, it becomes easy and effortless to tune up the brain to function in such a way.

When you set yourself in the perfect asana to meditate, your brain slips into a state of healing relaxation.

We teach meditation in 4 stepwise sessions. Our qualified Vedic meditation expert gives you individual instructions, in the very first session.

In the next three sessions, you come closer to your powerful mind, by diving deeper with our ancient Indian meditation techniques.

The meditation learning process is conducted step by step in just four sessions during your stay.

In the first session you will receive individual instruction from a qualified, experienced teacher.

The following three sessions build a deeper understanding of the mind from the perspective of ancient Vedic knowledge and modern science.

You will learn how and why the technique works and its practical benefits in daily life.

The Success Without Stress Meditation technique is available on our specific programs when our visiting specialist is in residence.

The benefits of the Success Without Stress Meditation technique:

• Reduced stress, anxiety and tension
• Clear, creative, positive thinking
• Better sleep
• Increased energy and motivation
• Lowered cholesterol levels that decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease
• Reduced use of alcohol and cigarettes

Learning Success Without Stress Meditation is only available on specific programs while visiting wellness specialists, Steve Griffith or Sue Griffith at Sukhavati Bali Meditation Retreat center.