Ganesha - Astrology Teacher

Ganesha is the name of our illustrious Astrology teacher who will take you on this journey of self -knowledge. He has been exploring Vedic Science for more than 33 years. He spent 5 years in the U.S. studying & serving as a teacher & senior    administrator in a highly successful, international laboratory school based on principles of holistic spiritual development. He then spent 3 years in the ashram of his Guru where he worked closely with traditional Brahmin astrologers (Jyotish pundits).

Since then he has written astrology software, published a sidereal ephemeris, appeared on radio and taught 100’s of students in classes & seminars. Immersed full time in Vedic astrology for 23 years, over the last 15 years he has built a successful international astrological consulting practice involving thousands of consultations. Integral to his work, he supports & maintains strong ties with 4 or 5 groups of Brahmin pundits of the ancient vedic tradition in India where he travels extensively each year.

Ganesha will be hosting programs in 2015. Dates will be released shortly.

These programs will have the added benefit of guests being able to learn Vedic Astrology through hands on practise exploring your own horoscope.

For more information and to book simply enquire here