• “Blissful experience. Peaceful setting. The care taken in every aspect of Sukhavati is inspiring. I will leave feeling well looked after, well-nourished and well informed. Thank you Sukhavati.Would highly recommend everyone to the Sukhavati experience. It’s appropriate for all stages of life. You have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area by foot or bicycle. We also did a visit to the Temple one afternoon. All our boxes were ticked. The program & retreat was peaceful and enlightening.”

    Danielle Hardwick, June 2018
  • My wife and I attended Sukhavati in January this year. It was the perfect time to reboot our bodies after the Christmas period. Nestled in a quiet local village, the grounds are absolutely stunning, the vibe very relaxed and the individually prescribed treatments were always spoken about amongst the guests. Dr Raju’s words of wisdom were unbelievable. Although only there for a week, many of the learnings will remain with me for a lifetime. I remain committed to my meditation, a suitable diet and most of all a balanced life. To everyone at Sukhavati, thank you!

    Rob Elsom, February 2018
  • This retreat is exactly what I needed. The program plans for every little detail, all I have to do is what I would like and to show up. I am able to fully relax and enjoy my time here. I feel very energized. Can’t wait to come back here.

    Bernie Tan, November 2017
  • In what was a brand-new experience for us both, we were supported and encouraged throughout by the kind and caring nature of the staff, the knowledge of the doctors and the connection with our crew. We loved it. We leave with a different perspective to approach our health and that of our family’s. Thank you for the gift.

    Nathan and Tania Buckley, October 2017
  • I love Sukhavati. It is a re-set, a time to reflect and a time to start or improve routines. I plan on coming back every year.

    Sophie Davis, October 2017
  • I’ve loved every minute, even the Bastis were an experience I’m glad that I did! Thank you to Steve and each member of staff, whether seen or not, for your loving care and attention that has made my stay so special! I’ll be back.

    Kirsteen McLeish, October 2017
  • Fantastic combination of treatment and activities. Absolutely loved the doctor and learning about Ayurveda.

    Caterina Cassar, October 2017
  • I had an absolutely amazing time here. All the staff including the housekeeping & ground staff have to be commended in their friendliness and warmth in making guests feel welcome. I would definitely come back someday!

    Shilpa, September 2017
  • The program is fantastic. It met all my expectations. Now I feel energetic and ready to face the world again.

    Niels Bergh-Hansen, February 2017
  • I was not aware of what Panchakarma is before arriving, so I was shocked initially at the structure and the effects I felt. The program has enabled me to quit smoking after 25 years. This action alone will add years to my life.

    Rebecca Fauntleroy, January 2017
  • The rejuvenation program is everything described and more. I am leaving feeling completely refreshed and inspired to make better decisions for my health. Sukhavati is amazing!

    Renee Cachia, January 2017
  • Brilliant; a must do in Bali!

    Cheryl Walters, October 2016
  • This program gives me a re-set, physically and mentally renewed knowledge to use in my everyday life. Thank you to the Sukhavati  family for all your care.

    Deborah Killelea, October 2016
  • The care, professionalism & skills of all spa technicians is first class in every respect. You will always remember your first spa experience at Sukhavati and will want to return for more!! The Panchakarma treatments offered by Sukhavati will leave you feeling energised, rejuvenated and refreshed. The total wellbeing experience is world class in every respect.

    Russell Murphy, October 2016
  • As a scientist I am the biggest sceptic to traditional medicines and healings, but this place has left me completely puzzled. The retreat itself is amazing with its rainforest feel, wildlife and friendly staff. The traditional Hindu doctor there seemed to know my smallest ailments by just holding my wrist / pulse for a few minutes (I can't explain this, yet). There are numerous traditional treatments, one in particular, shirodhara left me in a position that I am also unable to explain. That's all I'm going to say for now. If you are looking for something to improve your health and wellbeing and state of mind, then you need to come here because they deliver.

    Ray Palmer, August 2016
  • The wholes program was amazing, exceeding my expectations with the amount of effort put in by all staff at Sukhavati to make it such a relaxing and beautiful environment to stay in. Each daily schedule was carefully put together and provided variety and consideration to the individual. The service staff and spa therapists were beyond expectations.

    Sara Miller, Australia, June 2015
  • The care taken and the skill of the staff are just wonderful. I came to the resort tired and worn out and I leave a week later feeling 300% better. The daily treatments meant that I actually could do yoga twice a day plus walk and swim, even though the exercise stretched me.

    Rachel Markus, Australia, June 2015
  • I leave feeling rested, relaxed, smiling, healthy and at peace. Both my mind and body have gone on a journey this week. I will be back!

    Brigid O'Leary, Singapore, June 2015
  • It was one of the best weeks of my life. I have learnt so much about my body, spirit and way of life. I am so glad and greatly appreciate having the opportunity to stay at the resort. This learning from the program was what I was searching for so long and so glad I found it!

    Ashleigh Powell, Australia, February 2015
  • The spa rooms and location are superb. The treatments divine. The quality of service from the spa staff is first class and they treat you with dignity

    Pauline White, Australia, September 2014
  • My experience at Sukhavati was fantastic. Spa was fantastic, the therapists were excellent and the treatments were very therapeutic and delivered in the most gorgeous surrounds.a

    Michelle Johansson, Australia, September 2014
  • Extraordinary and luxurious. The experience of synchronized massage left me in a different state of mind: relaxed, uplifted, calm and peaceful, clear mind and spirit. The setting was designed for relaxation

    Peter Gesling & Susan Smith, Australia, August 2014
  • From the moment you arrive at Sukhavati you are treated with great care, respect and loving kindness. Food, treatments, staff, surroundings and accommodation are excellent

    Veronica Lunn, Australia, August 2014
  • The spa experience is like no other. It is difficult to put into words and must be experienced oneself to fully appreciate how amazing the treatments are. Thank you again to all the wonderful staff.

    Kris Abbott, Australia, August 2014
  • This retreat is life changing! Definitely the best place to be in Bali to soothe, nourish and heal your body, mind and soul. I will definitely come back for more bliss in this very special place. Many thanks to all the staff for making our time here amazing.

    Dana & David, Australia, August 2014
  • Simply put - it is paradise. The health benefits of the Panchakarma program, delivered in a setting that defies description, administered by such loving and caring people - life changing

    Tim Hazel, Australia, August 2014
  • Sukhavati is a little slice of Bali heaven. The staff made me feel like family. The Ayurvedic doctor is incredibly knowledgeable. The spa treatments are incredibly indulgent and relaxing - and the view over the rainforest from the therapy rooms is something else. The food is absolutely delicious, wholesome and nourishing. I cannot fault Sukhavati at all

    Helen Jacobs, Australia, June 2014
  • The tranquil location overlooking the river and rainforest set the scene for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. The spa staff are very attentitive, beautiful caring people who have an innate sense of healing

    Melodie Whiting, Australia, April 2014
  • This was the perfect combination of relaxation, pampering, detox and mind/ body exercise. The staff are the absolute best I’ve experienced

    Jessica Jo, Australia, April 2014
  • "Sukhavati is much more than a retreat spa, it's a transformational experience. In every way the staff kindly tended to our needs and made it possible for us to rest deeply, cleanse thoroughly and find total renewal for our body, mind and spirit. Sukhavati is truly a gift to the world. We are forever grateful to have received the goodness of this place and community"

    Phileena, USA, November 2013
  • "What an amazing journey this week has been. I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt. The information I now have will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff"

    Lisa & Simon Neale, Australia, September 2013
  • "I came here physically & mentally drained. Leaving with a new lease on life. Knowledge I have gained here to lead a healthier and happier life will be life changing and invaluable"

    Anne Giovino, Australia, September 2013
  • "I didn't know what to expect, but the setting, treatments and staff all exceeded expectations. Such a beautiful and relaxing experience - will definitely be back"

    Deb & Ryan Malcolm, Australia, September 2013
  • "All treatments and the whole spa experience from the moment you are greeted were beautiful. The technicians had such a softness and gentleness about them and were very caring"

    Connie Sowter, Australia, August 2013
  • "It's a life changing process. I came with daily blood pressure headaches and one step away from a meltdown. I leave off my medication, feeling rested and ready to face the world"

    Nick Christensen, Australia, August 2013
  • "A wonderful experience, providing a place of rest, change and transformation. I feel not just physically different but mentally different too"

    Angela Bridges, Australia, July 2013
  • "Great pathway to changing habits of eating and coping with stress. Made me value the experience of relaxation and sleep. Introduced me to Yoga that I hope will become part of my future too"

    Allison & Bernadette, Australia, April 2013
  • "My husband and I were gob smacked when we arrived at Sukhavati, the beauty and tranquility of this retreat had us instantly mesmerised"

    Kate K, Australia, April 2013
  • "The whole experience and practical knowledge shared has been truly awakening. We are now determined to take more control in creating a healthier and better quality of life, for the rest of our lives"

    Andrew & Susan Finney, Australia, April 2013
  • "One of the 50 most romantic private villas in the world"

    Travel and Leisure Magazine