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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sukhavati located?

Sukhavati is located in a local village in the area of Mengwi, about 30 minutes inland from Seminyak and 40 minutes from Denpasar airport. Return airport transfers are included in most of our packages.

Can I check in any day?

Sukhavati is one of the few retreats that offer check in/ check out any day of the week (subject to availability). This allows you to stay at a time that best suits your needs. We also tailor all meals and spa treatments that are included in the package to your individual needs.

How big is the estate and what facilities does Sukhavati have?

Sukhavati is a 4 tier estate situated on the Penit River and surrounded by lush tropical jungle. When staying at Sukhavati you have full access to all estate facilities including; Swimming Pools, Yoga Pavilion, Meditation Bales, River Deck and Ayurvedic River Spa.

How many rooms are there?

There are 8 villas at Sukhavati; 4 one bedroom luxury villas, 3 one bedroom private pool villas and 1 two bedroom villa.

What activities can I do at Sukhavati?

Our daily schedule includes a variety of activities for you to take part in, including; morning guided village walks, bike rides, yoga classes, meditation courses (not available at all times), consultations with the Ayurvedic Doctor, Seminars on health, lifestyle and Ayurveda, cooking classes and tours to Tanah Lot temple. 

Are children allowed at Sukhavati?

For the comfort and relaxation of all guests, Sukhavati does not permit children under the age of 15.

I am pregnant. Can I do a Rejuvenation Program? Will my program be any different to the normal program?

Yes, women who are pregnant can still do the Rejuvenation programs. Cleansing procedures are not prescribed during pregnancy. The program will be more based around gentle massages, de-stressing and preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

I am travelling alone, will I enjoy my stay?

It depends on your personal preference. A lot of guests enjoy travelling alone so they can really relax and spend time reflecting on themselves and getting to know new people.

Can I swap any of my program inclusions?

Program inclusions cannot be traded for other activities. If you do not wish to take part in a particular activity, you don’t have to, but it cannot be swapped out.

What do I need to bring to wear?

As you will be participating in a range of activities it is recommended that you bring a selection of clothing including; swimwear, active wear for yoga, walking and bike rides and loose, comfortable clothing that is best for warm weather.

Can I leave Sukhavati during my program?

If you would like to venture outside of Sukhavati you can speak with reception staff to arrange a driver (use of the driver is an additional cost). Please notify the staff the day before if you will be out of the estate so they can schedule your treatments and meals accordingly.

What credit cards do you accept?

Credit card facilities are available at Sukhavati. We only accept MasterCard and Visa. Paying by credit card will also incur a 3% surcharge.

I cannot eat a particular food and I know it is part of an Ayurvedic diet, what do I do?

You will have a consultation with our resident Ayurvedic Doctor at the beginning of your program. He will assess your body type and develop a treatment and meal program best suited to you. During this consultation is the best time to discuss and health concerns or questions you may have.

Are airport transfers included?

If you have booked a rejuvenation program with us for a stay longer than 3 nights, return pick up and drop off transfers are included in your package. If the location is further than a trip to Denpasar Airport we may charge an additional fee. If you are visiting for one day, transfers can be arranged for an additional charge.

Can you drink alcohol at Sukhavati?

Alcohol is not recommended during your Rejuvenation Program as it is a time to refresh the body. Sukhavati doesn’t keep alcohol on site.

What type of food does Sukhavati serve?

All food at Sukhavati is prepared fresh daily by our gourmet chefs. We use as much locally grown, organic produce as possible. We also grow many of our herbs and vegetables on site. Depending on your health goals and body type, meals may vary from person to person. No meat is served at Sukhavati.

Are there mosquitos at Sukhavati?

Maleria is a moderate risk in Bali compared to other places in Indonesia which are of high risk. At Sukhavati there are no serious mosquito issues at the estate however we do like all accommodation in Bali try make your stay as comfortable as possible as mosquitoes can be present. 

The rooms have air conditioning and Mosquito nets. If you are concerned it is a good idea after housekeeping has cleaned the room to close the net over the bed for the whole day.

We suggest packing Rid or areogard to spray just at sunset. If you are concerned about being bitten preventative things like wearing a long skirt (sarong) or long sleeve tops (shawl) if you are out of your room from sunset to sunrise.

What does my consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor involve?

At the beginning of your Rejuvenation Program, you will have a one on one consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor who will assess your body type and any health issues, concerns or goals you may have. He will ask you a series of questions regarding your health and lifestyle, take your pulse and look at your tongue. From here your daily program of Ayurvedic treatments, meals and herbal medicines are prescribed.

Should I take out Travel Insurance?

We recommend comprehensive travel insurance prior to your stay as we know that sometimes plans can change. Sukhavati is not responsible or liable for any costs associated with any changes to your travel arrangements including and not limited to; medical evacuation, travel delay and changes, natural disasters.

What is the recommended program length?

We highly recommend a 10 day program as your minimum stay at Sukhavati to help bring about longer lasting changes.

14 days or more is ideal treatment to deeply reverse the trends of past lifestyle habits.

The 7 day programs are for those who want to experience the benefits of our programs but don’t have the opportunity to stay longer.

Treatment of Allergies and Intolerences

This treatment is trageted at those who suffer from allergies or intollerences, with symptoms such as, skin irritations or breathing problems.

The aim of this treatment is to reduce pitta, blood reactions, nasal blockage and all skin allergic reactions. A 10-Day program is reccommended as the desired time frame for treatment.


The treatment of Arthritis is dependant upon the symptoms exhibited by the patient, however it's treated to reduce pain, redness, swelling, stiffness and conditions in the joints.

This treatment is advised to all arthritic symptoms in patients. The aim and potential benefits of this treatment is to reduce Ama and to incrrease synovial fluid in the joints.

The reccommended program for this treatment is 7 to 10 days.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is related to disturbances regarding sleep and work stress. It is an inbalance in the neurological functions.

This treatment is encouraged to people that suffer from any psychological disorders and heart related problems. 

This treatment is aimed to balance the anxiety, stress levels and to improve sleep patterns. Reccommended program length is 7 to 10 days.


This treatment is aimed at anyone who suffers from Respiratory problems, problems related to a person's chest and difficulty in breathing.

This condition is treated according to the aggravated dosha and to bring the guest into a balanced condition, through pranayama and other Panchakarma procedures.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the difficulty in breathing and and to ensure normal respiration. A 10-day program is reccommend to receive full treatment.

Normalising High Blood Pressure

It's mostly seen within the age group of 30 years old and older, due to stress and loss of sleep, which causes an inbalance in the heart functions and stress levels.

The treatment reccommended involves different medicated oils in Hridaya basti as well as other supporting treatments.It is reccommended for anyone experiencing Heart related problems or stress.

The aim of the program is to balance the blood flow and Pittaja vikaras along with diet, exercise and supportive treatments.

A 7-10 day program is reccommended.

Normalising High Cholesterol

This treatment is aimed at those who are obese and experience disturbances in cholesterol levels. The treatment is aimed to reduce Kapha dosha and to eliminate blocked channels in the body.

The potential benefits of this program is the reduction of Kapha, Fat or Medho dhatu vruddi and free circulation of blood. 

A 14 to 21 day program is reccommended for this treatment.

Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue

This is designed for people with less immunity and less strength, changing appetite, digestive problems and lethargic conditions. 

The aim of the treatment is to increase appetite and balance the body constitution which is based around Vata, Pitta, Kapha. 

A 7-10 day program is reccommended for this type of treatment.

Normalising Diabetes

As its a symptom, we have to balance the body according to the body constitution, treatments like Abhyanga and other supportive treatments recommended.

Any guests with Diabetes are strongly reccommended to not have enemas, of any kind, unless suggested by our Ayurvedic Physician.

All Diabetic related problems such as hypertension and anxiety neurosis are also reccommended for this treatment. 

The aim of this treatment to bring back the glucose levels to normal stage and to balance body constitution along with diet and exercise. As part of the program, 45 minutes of walking 2 times per day is needed.

This treatment requires a 10 to 14 day program, and our Physician reccommends anyone suffering from these conditions, partakes in an Ayurvedic program annually.

Cancer Support

This treatment aims to bring back the nourishment to the bodies' tissues and to balance and develop a healthy lifestyle.

This is desgined for people with early stages of cancer symptoms and is aimed at reducin extra growth of tissues and balancing the tissue nourishment.

This type of program is very dependant on the individual, however a 21 Day program is reccommended.

Gynaecological Issues & Fertility

This treatment is directed at females who suffer from irregular menstruation cycles, cysts or loss of blood. 

This treatment is aimed to reduce the Cysts and regularises menstruation. The program duration is 3-5 days, whilst the guest is menstruating.

High Performance Athlete and sports recovery e.g. injury recovery

This treatment is used for reducing the inflammatory symptoms and balance the tissue nourishment.

This program is targeted towards Athletes, joint related problems and sports injuries. 

This is a 7-10 Day program.

Do you offer Yogic Enemas or Colonics? 

Yes, we offer yogic enemas which is like colonic cleansing depending on the Ayurvedic Physician's discretion and the guests' health conditions.

Different types of enemas that we offer, are; Matra basti, Shodhana basti, Ksheera basti, Yapana basti.