Environment & Community

Bali is a pristine island that is struggling to maintain its beauty due to the high volume of tourists, population growth and lack of education efforts towards being more environmentally friendly.

There are many organisations and businesses that are making a conscious effort to raise awareness in communities to help put a stop to the every growing pollution swamping Bali.

The Sukhavati community are taking part in an internal environmental awareness program that will generate a greater understanding and appreciation for the environment while working towards a ‘Greener Bali’ for generations to come.

Sukhavati Estate Environmental Awareness Program Mission:

  • All plastic bottles have been replaced with water coolers in each room as well as and titanium reusable drink bottles.
  • Plastic straws have been replaced with reusable glass straws.
  • Training and implementation of a proper waste disposal and recycling system have been established as well as the use of composting.
  • Only environmentally friendly cleaning products to be used by the housekeeping staff (where possible).